Collins Reagan is the drone pilot on the team.  Additionally, he runs primary cinematography during wedding ceremonies, and provides secondary footage for both still and moving pictures throughout a wedding or music video shoot.  His youthful perspective provides fresh and impactful images - making a difference on every project.

You shouldn’t dream your film, you should make it!
— Steven Spielberg

"We at Borrowed & Blue couldn't be more excited to share with our brides planning their Richmond weddings the coolest thing to hit the wedding scene in a long time, and originating right in our town! iDo is an interactive wedding album designed to work seamlessly with iPads. In the video below, check out Ashleigh as she sees her iDo album for the first time (and get a tissue)."" -Borrowed&Blue

Filmed by Keith Reagan

The wedding is over. You are back from your honeymoon.  Sit down with your new iPad or iPhone and soak in your entire wedding day: stunning photos, heartwarming highlight films, video clips. Watch the toasts, your first dance, the cake cutting AND MORE!

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